Ʈ ȳ (150311 ver.)


  Ʈ ȳ 


ȳϼ. JYPE Դϴ.


в  غֽô Ʈ ǰ Ȯϰ ְ ص帮 Ʈ ȳ 帳ϴ.

Ʈ غֽô в Ʒ ݵ Ͽ ֽñ Ź 帳ϴ.


Ʈ û Ϸ ǿ ؼ մϴ.

Ʈ ҰϿ Ź 帳ϴ.


[ Ʈ û ]

 1.  ϴܿ ÷ε Ʈ û( ) ٿ , ۼϿ Ʒ ּҷ ߼

     * ּ:

     * Ʈ û ϸ Ʒ Ŀ ϰ ۼ ּ.

        - : [ Ʈ] ****_ ٸ_ü

            () [ Ʈ] 10 12_1ֳ_ڹٶ

     * ¥ Ʈ ¥ ֽð, ٸ Ʈ ϰ ϴ ̳ , Ī ּ.

 2. Ʈ ο ȸ

 3. Ʈ , ڿ Ʈ ǰ, ¥ ð

 4. ǵ Ʈ


[ ǻ ]

 * Ʈ û

  - û 3 5 û մϴ.

  - û Ŀ ߳ų ̱ ׸ , 뺸 ȿ ó˴ϴ.

  - ϳ ٿ Ʈ (ϳ ü) ˴ϴ.

  - ٿ û , û ü 켱 ȸ ο 帳ϴ.

  - , ܼƮ, ҹ ڿ Ǹ ϳ ̻ ü ֽϴ.

  - ӵ ϳ ü û , 켱 û ϼ̴ ܵ ֽϴ.

  - û Ͻð 쿡 ݵ ش Ϸ ֽñ ٶϴ.

  - û ȳ ϰų, 3ȸ ̻ ÿ ķ ش üκ Ʈ ʽϴ.

  - , ƼƮ ҵ ܵ˴ϴ.

  - ڿ Ŵ Ǵ ٸ θ Ʈ , ķδ ش üκ Ʈ ʽϴ.

  - õ û Ǵ ʽϴ.


 * Ʈ

  - ޵Ǵ Ļ/ Ʈ Ʈ JYPͿ ϰ ش ƼƮ ޵˴ϴ.

  - ӵ ð ݵ ֽñ ٶ, ð Ű Ұ ֽϴ.

  - ǰ ǰ Ե 쿡 ɼ Ͽ Ǹ Ź 帮, ߿ õ ҰϿ 忡 ֽñ ٶϴ.

  - Ѹ鿡 ƼƮ( ̸) ļ ǰ ʿ ǰ ̵ ֽñ ٶϴ.


 * / Ʈ (JYPͷ ޵Ǵ Ʈ )

  - 10 ~ 6 մϴ.

  - Ȳ Ұ ֽϴ.

  - ǰ, ɼ Ͽ Ұ ֽϴ.

  - Ʈ 2 ϱ, 3 ̳ ϸ, Ϸ ش ƼƮ ϰ ޵ Դϴ. ( Ե , Ͽ Ⱓ մϴ.)

  - Ʈ ġ ÿ ﰡ ֽð, Ŀ ʵ ϰ Ź 帳ϴ.


Ʈ غ ֽô в 帮,

ε  ɰ Ź 帳ϴ.



 Bernard Park Support Notice 


Hello, this is JYPE.

In order to deliver the fan’s thoughtful Support goods more precisely and fairly, we announce the Support procedures and regulations.

We ask the fans to please be well-informed of the below notice and cooperate when preparing the Support.

All Support must be applied and completed its reservation ahead of time in order to be delivered. Otherwise, the Support cannot be delivered and please be aware of this matter.


[ Support Application Process ]

 1. Download Support Application (word file) that is attached below, fill in the details and send it to the below e-mail address.

     * E-mail address:

     * Please follow the below format for Support application file name and the e-mail title.

        - Title: [ Ʈ] Month Date_Relevant Schedule Name_Group Name

            (ex) [ Ʈ] October 12nd_Debut1stAnniversary_BernardHolic

     * In the date section of the title, fill in the date you wish the Support to be delivered. In the schedule section, fill in the name of the broadcasting program, event, anniversary in which you would like to send Support for.

 2. The staff will review and reply about the availability of Support.

 3. For the available Support, discuss the Support goods, delivery date and time with the staff.

 4. Support will be delivered on the date that is agreed finally.


[ Precautions ]

 * Support Application

  - The application period is from 3 weeks prior to the delivery date to 5 days prior to the delivery date.

  - Applications that do not follow the format or have a section missing will be processed as invalid without prior notice.

  - Only 1 Support (1 Group) is received for 1 schedule.

  - If there are multiple applications for the same schedule, the primary opportunity will be given to the group that applied early.

  - For schedule such as anniversary, concert, fan meeting, more than 1 group can progress after consultation with the staff.

  - A group cannot apply for consecutive schedule consistently, and such group can be excluded from the application list regardless of the application order.

  - In order to cancel or change the application after the submission, the request must be sent via e-mail.

  - We do not receive Support from a group that has canceled without prior notice after the submission or has canceled more than 3 times. However, a cancelation due to change in artist’s schedule is exception.

  - We do not receive Support from a group, whose Support is processed via a manager or other route without prior consultation with the staff.

  - We do not receive requests and inquiries about the verification.


 * Support Delivery

  - All Supports, except for the meal/snack Support delivered to the broadcasting programs and event sites, are received at JYP Center in a lump and then delivered to the relevant artist.

  - Please be punctual to the promised time, and the delivery may be impossible if late.

  - If food is included in the item, please take special care in case of the possible alteration and give attention to packing as separate cold or freezing storage is impossible during the delivery.

  - If the item has risk of breakage or needs special care, please write the artist’s name(member’s name) and the details on the outside of the package so that the note can be seen.


 * Support Other than Broadcasting/Event Schedule (Support delivered to JYP Center)

  - Support can be received from 10:00AM to 6:00PM (KST) on the weekdays, except holidays.

  - Deliveries may be impossible depending on the situations.

  - Considering the possibility of food spoils and flowers wilt, such items may be impossible to deliver.

  - Anniversary Support can be received only within the 3 days, from 2 days prior to the anniversary date to the very day, and it will be delivered to the relevant artist in a lump after the receipt is completed. (If the anniversary date is during the holiday, Support can be received during the same period on the weekdays before the very day.)

  - When putting up a banner Support, please refrain from using a double-sided tape, and collect the banner neatly without any remains afterwards.


We appreciate all the fans for preparing Bernaed Park Support with great care.

Please give ongoing interest in and love towards Bernaed Park.

Thank you.


- Download : Bernard Park Support Sample